Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Developing Nokia App in 5 Minutes

Developing Web App in Nokia in 5 Minutes:

Xpress WebApp Builder:

nokia web app

In Nokia we can develop two types of Apps such as

  • Java App
  • Web App
In this post we are going to discuss about how to develop Nokia web app in minutes using the Express web app builder tool provided by Nokia.

nokia webapps

  • Now click on Agree button for the terms and conditions page appear after Try it now button click.
Nokia app

  • Now enter your app name in the next step as shown below
nokia web app

  • Now you will get the list of templates available with the xpress web app tool as shown below.Now enter your app title (will be shown in your mobile phone top) in the first page.
xpress web app builder
  • Now click on next button you will get the Add widget page with options like Feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Clip etc. (In this demo I am gonna show you how to develop app with feed using my blog address only for your understanding purpose )
  • Drag and drop the feed widget logo as below
web app builder

  • Now enter the website address you wish to get the feeds and click on go button and now the web app builder will automatically loads the feeds from the website (In my example I fetched feeds from www.digitalnativetech.blogspot.in blog).
xpress web app nokia

  • You can change the number of feeds to be displayed in the mobile by adjusting the seek bar of number of feed items (Max upto 10 feeds you can display).
  • Next page is the very important page where you can add advertisements to your applications so that you can earn more with your app simply by showing ads in your app)
  • You will get the following widgets in the next page
nokia widgets

  • Now just drag and drop the advertisment logo (Ads logo) into your phone design and now you will be asked for the application ID which you have to create in your nax account.
nax account

  • To create an application id click on the Nokia Ad Exchange Site link in the page and login ( If you dont have any account in nax create one in this site surely).
  • To create a new account please provide your details in the form available and click get started now
nax account

  • Now click on Get Started now button after entering your details (if you dont have a website please atleast create a blog in blogger.com which will be very simple and useful for you in your career) 
  • Now nax will send you a confirmation mail to your mail address and it will take surely some time to approve your account so please be patience on those time since this is the very important step).
  • After getting your confirmation mail from nax account sign in into your nax account now as shown below
nokia nax account

  • Now click on Login and choose Add App button and enter your app details and I simply entered my app details for your reference.
nokia nax account

  • Now click on create button and copy the Application ID and paste it in the Nokia xpresswebapp builder site and click on go button now the add will be loaded in your app like below

  • Thats it your app is almost done now you have to publish your app so click on Finish button first.Now it will ask you to enter your nokia account and password( If you dont have an nokia account create one by click on register in the bottom of the Nokia login page)
  • Now you have to create your app final details in the page like below in next step.(keep in mind you should have an account in publish.nokia.com and it will surely ask you to pay 1 euro for creating account in publish.nokia)

  • You can even change the icon of your own and now enter your author name and author mail id as yours and click on save so your app is ready and now click on Publish Your App and your publishing details of your application.


  • Now click on continue so web app builder will now create your app package and publish it to your nokia account.It may take at least 3 or 5 days to publish your app in OVI Store surely.
To see your app status click on view store status (store icon) as shown below in the following screen shot


  • So we can develop any number of apps like this and earn through this web app
Hope you enjoyed the post

If you have query please feel free to mail us at digitalnativehelp@gmail.com


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