Saturday, 12 October 2013

What to do with Dream sprak key ???

What to do with Dream spark key??

In my previous post I posted about why we need dream spark key and how to get a free dream spark key.

Here is the next post in the series of creating Dev center account What to do with Dream Spark key ???

Then click on Students tab in

Now create individual account in the next page by clicking on Create account under individual category.

Then fill up the form in the next page I suggest you to use your live id for this registration step.

Now the last step is to verify you are a student.You will be given three choices to prove you are a student 
  •  Get verification through school
  • I have an ISIC card
  • I have a verification code
Now choose third option I have a verification code and now enter the Dream spark key you received from Microsoft. (Don't misuse the key since its valid for only one time, also don't share key with anyone)

Digital native
Thats all you will be verified as student by Microsoft Dream spark.

Next step is to create a dev center account

Learn how to create a dev center account at


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