Friday, 7 June 2013

Nokia Mobile Application Development Stage 3


Nokia Mobile App Development

LWUIT is the Light Weight User Interface Tools allows you to build high quality user interface java applications. LWUIT allows many widgets to build UI.

LWUIT for Nokia can be used for following SDKs

  • Nokia asha SDK 1.0
  • Nokia SDK 2.0 Java
  • Nokia SDK 1.1 Java

LWUIT is originally developed by Sun Microsoft system(now owned by Oracle Inc.).

LWUIT UI Components:

Here is the list of UI components supported by LWUIT for developing rich user interface apps
  • Form
  • Label
  • Button
  • Radio Button
  • Check Box
  • ComboBox
  • Slider
  • Category Bar
  • Tabs
  • Calender
  • List
  • Dialogs
These are the wide variety of UI components supported by LWUIT for Nokia.

Lets see how to use the LWUIT in eclipse IDE for developing Nokia apps.

Creating LWUIT MIDlet Project:

Step 1: Open Nokia IDE for Java Eclipse (v2) in your system.

nokia s40 app development

Step 2: Now click on File->New ->MIDlet Project.

nokia s40 app development

Step 3: Now enter your project name in the corresponding place and click on Finish straightly.

Step 4: So you created your project now you can see your project name in the right side of Eclipse.Just right click on your project name and go to properties you will get properties for LWUIT application dialog box.

nokia s40 app development

Step 5: Now you have to add a external jar file to your project.Click on Libraries tab in  properties for LWUIT application and click on add external jar button.

nokia s40 app development

Step 6: (We assume that you installed your Nokia SDK in C Colon.If you chosen different location during installation then go to corresponding location)
Go to the path C:\ Nokia\ Devices\ Nokia_Asha_SDK_1_0\ plugins\ lwuit\ lib\ asha1.0
and choose the Asha with themes jar file and click on Ok.

nokia s40 app development

(Please select Order and Export tab and ensure whether the corresponding Jar is selected or checked.)

nokia s40 app development

So your project is ready for LWUIT application development.

Step 7: Add Java file to your project by again right click on your project name-> New ->Java ME MIDlet.

nokia s40 app developmentnokia s40 app development

Lets see the basic LWUIT coding in the upcoming post.


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