Monday, 1 April 2013

Your First Windows 8 App

Developing Static App:

First we just look at how to create a static app using grid or split app template here.

Visual Studio 2012 -->New project (Visual C#) -->Split App

Now you will get a 2 pages such as ItemPage.xaml and SplitPage.xaml in solution explorer.You should understand that all these page are data binded by template itself so editing value at one place will be automatically reflect on another page.
Now to edit a value in template expand Data Model in solution explorer then you can see the file c#  SampleDataSource.cs .

Now open the file c# SampleDataSource.cs then search for the public SampleDataSource() method.

Now you have to edit the values (group name ,item name image etc).Here all content in ItemPage.xaml are termed as Groups where as the SplitPage.xaml will display the Group's corresponding items.

 TO EDIT THE GROUP you have to understand the parameters first
 var group1 = new SampleDataGroup("Group-1",
                    "Group Title: 1",
                    "Group Subtitle: 1",
                    "Group Description: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus tempor scelerisque lorem in vehicula. Aliquam tincidunt, lacus ut sagittis tristique, turpis massa volutpat augue, eu rutrum ligula ante a ante");

 var group1 = new SampleDataGroup(GROUP ID,
                    Group Title,
                    Group sub title,
                    Group image (Will shown in ItemPage.xaml)
                    Group description);

if you are developing an application with all list of food of human then we go for fruit as a group so it might resemble this

 var group1 = new SampleDataGroup("Group-1",
                      "Healthy Food",
                      "Fruits are very good for human health");

Note: You should add image to your project before you use it here (Learn how to add Image to your project)

so then we have to edit the Group Items details

group1.Items.Add(new SampleDataItem("Group-1-Item-1",
                    "Item Title: 1",
                    "Item Subtitle: 1",
                    "Item Description: Pellentesque porta, mauris quis interdum vehicula, urna sapien ultrices velit, nec venenatis dui odio in augue. ",

 group1.Items.Add(new SampleDataItem("Group-1-Item-1",
                             Item Title,
                             Item Subtitle,
                             Item Image,
                             Small description
                              Large Description,

e.g if the fruit group have the item Apple then it may be
group1.Items.Add(new SampleDataItem("Group-1-Item-1",
                    "Store house of Vitamins",
                    "Apple is very good to health",
                    "Apple a day keeps the doctor away is the phrase explaining the greatness of the apple to us.Apple is very famous in Kashmir state and still now the rate of Kashmmir apple is high",

so like this enter details of all items using the above syntax if you think the number of group or item is not enough you can add your own group or item by just copy and paste the group's or item's code and change the ID and parameters accordingly.So after finishing work just run the application.

To run the application click on Local Machine button your app will be installed automatically in your system and it will run in your own system.

Hope you enjoyed the post...................


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