Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Setting Icons in Nokia Apps

Setting Icons for Nokia Apps:

Icons are normally 36 * 36 size in Nokia apps (but they are hard to create because of this small size in Photoshop in my experience).

First create an Image with photoshop of size 36 * 36.We are recommending to use only .png format images for icon images.

Now after creating the image add the image to your project by copying image from the source and pasting the image in the res folder.


Now you have to edit the Application Descriptor.The name itself says Application Descriptor defines the properties of our project MIDlet and version ,icon etc

So to set icon open the Application Descriptor file


Now go to the Optional tab in the Application Descriptor where you can see the Optional properties where you can see the MIDlet icon property.

Just enter the image name of your icon with its extension in the MIDlet icon property thats solve you set the icon to your project.

LWUIT icon

Now just run your project once before you create your package for uploading by right click on your project name and give Run as MIDlet application.So you can check the changes there in the emulator


We used this icon in our project 


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